Why Choose Our System?

Our Videonystagmography and Balance Assessment System is a state-of-the-art infrared goggles provide percise image capture. No other VNG on the market offers built-in Vestibular Ocular Reflex (VOR) testing.

VNG Balance: Enhance your life and regain control

Many physicians can tell you why they chose MedTrak, so we prefer you check out our video testimonial below, but to summarize, here are a few reasons you may find good enough to choose us:

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  • MedTrak systems are developed and backed by the very same individuals that invented the technology. Consequently, there is no other comparable system on the market for accurately diagnosing and facilitating the treatment of balance disorders.
  • MedTrak systems are backed by a five year product guarantee, completely unheard of in the industry.
  • Our VNG Goggle is the most preferred by patients because of it's ability to perform testing instantly without tedious assembly or calibration requirements.
  • Software for testing is the most streamlined and user-friendly Windows based program with the fastest test station available on the market today.
  • Training and Support programs come standard with our systems and they ensure that you and your staff receive a seamless integration of equipment and testing procedures without a great deal of your time required.