Balance Testing in a Pain Management Practice


When a patient’s chronic pain is the result of a fall, medical professionals can do more than treat the pain and discomfort — they can identify the cause of imbalance and help prevent future falls. Today, specialized balance tests performed with videonystymography, or VNG equipment, are helping pain management practices provide patients with this full spectrum of treatment and prevention.

Simple to use and comfortable for patients, MedTrak’s Complete VNG Testing System provides accurate diagnoses for imbalance issues. Identifying the core concern — whether it’s vertigo, dizziness or imbalance — helps pain management specialists provide patients with customized care. And that makes balance testing an essential part of pain management.

 The benefits of an improved sense of balance are both physical and mental. Physically, patients are safer and less likely to injure or re-injure themselves in a fall. Mentally, they experience less fear of falling and an increased confidence for daily activities. No matter their age, no one should feel restricted because of a balance disorder. And thanks to balance testing, they don’t have to.

How big of a concern are balance disorders? The Center for Disease Control estimates that each year one in three adults age 65 and older experiences a fall. In 2010 alone, the direct medical cost of falls reached $30 billion, so it is clear that falls have a financial impact, too.

MedTrak’s fast, user-friendly balance testing software makes evaluation easy and efficient to complete on site at a pain management clinic. Discover how balance tests can help patients regain their mobility and independence today.