MedTrak FAQs

Question: Does Medicare and other insurers pay for these services? What are the reimbursement rates?
Answer: Yes, Medicare and other insurers reimburse for both video eye tracking (VENG), comprehensive hearing testing, tympanometry, acoustic reflexes, otoacoustic emissions and vestibular therapy. *Consult your local Medicare office or other insurer for applicable rates in your area and for detailed billing procedures and information.
*For patients who meet Medicare coverage criteria, including a physician order.

Question: Who can do this testing?
Answer: Anyone on your staff who has been trained to do VNG and Balance testing can perform these services under the supervision of a physician.

Question: I don't know how to read a Video Eng or a balance test. Who will help me with reading and reporting the results?
Answer: We have a staff of professionals to assist you in every phase of testing, therapy, reading and interpretation of all clinical data.

Question: How much space does this program require?
Answer: An existing exam room typically is all that is needed.

Question: I have several offices. Is this equipment portable?
Answer: Yes, it is very portable. It can be placed in a lap top computer and moved easily from location to location.

Question: Do you have any financing or leasing programs available for your program?
Answer: Yes, we have several great leasing programs. One offers no payments for the first 6 months and no money down.

Question: Does the Treatment really work?
Answer: Yes, it really works. We have trained many physicians, nurses, audiologist, and physical therapists from priviate practices, hospitals and unversities nationwide.